The Blessing of Slow and a Little Life Update

After finishing grad school this May, my soul—my life—felt disrupted. And I kept turning to projects and social media to numb my itching insecurity and anxiety. But I knew the way forward in freedom meant quieting my soul before the Lord. He sees me. He knows me. He loves me.

When insecurity and anxiety become daily companions, it’s time to step back and deepen our companionship with God.

So, I pulled back. I spent the last couple months re-establishing habits of the soul, home, relationships, and body. I spent time treasuring the faces of my family. Welcoming my husband home from a long day at the office with my full attention and homemade teriyaki chicken sandwiches. Watching my daughter run through the field—without worrying about a deadline.

Visiting family in the PA countryside

And now my soul feels ready to return to the good work of words—to share from the overflow instead of a hustled heart.

In this season of pause and reflection, God reminded me of a few things that might be good for you to remember as well.

Every Day Blessings Can’t be Rushed

My fingers tracing through my daughter’s bouncing curls. My son bargaining for work to save up for a hoverboard. My middle-child inviting me into his Lego world. This is rich. Deep. Good. And I want to behold each moment like a delicate flower.

We Hear God More Clearly in the Hush

When my agenda is full, sometimes I push listening on a soul-level into the margins. I act like a hurried CEO needing God to come to my power meeting devotion time.

But when I walk slow—when I read slow, pray slow, love slow—I see and hear more clearly throughout my day.  

QUESTION: Are you rushing your listening time? How can you slow down your pace this week and tune your mind and heart toward listening to God as you go about your daily tasks? Read the Bible? Pray?

We Have to Choose How to Use Our Time

We cannot be all things nor do all things. Those who make the biggest impact in this world, focus. Einstein was a scientist—not a pro athlete or career carpenter. Amelia Earhart was a brave pilot. Serena Williams spent most of her childhood on a tennis court to become a champion. All of us choose. That is why we create rhythms, to make sure what we value becomes how we spend our time.

So, in this next season, my goal will be the same: To equip and inspire you to know God’s Word, walk with God, and live with purpose. But I will be exploring different ways to do that. Video teachings. Audio recordings. Downloadable e-books. My ideas are endless and I will follow God’s leading one project at a time.

So, hang tight! Good things are coming to enrich your faith and your life.

And I appreciate grace as I navigate all the tech I’m learning (oh, to hire a team some day!)

Talk soon!

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