You want attendees to connect with God.

So choosing a speaker for your live event feels overwhelming.

Put your mind at ease.

Seana is a seasoned speaker:

1. With special event experience.

Seana spent years coordinating events—both intimate and large-scale in size and—understands the importance of a well-crafted message for event success.

2. Who crafts messages for diverse audiences.

Seana has experience speaking to a variety of audiences from children to mature adults—and cross-culturally.

3. Who is trained to handle the Bible with depth and clarity.

Seana trained in seminary, not to earn a special piece of paper, but to be equipped to study, research, and craft biblically-based content that teaches the word of God with integrity.

Some have said. . .

“With passion, vigor, and grace Seana has led our ladies at Memorial Park Church in both large and small group settings.  She has a gift for leading listeners into a deeper, more intimate understanding of Christ in our everyday lives. I would highly recommend her for your next speaking engagement.”

Michele Holmes

Michele Holmes

women’s ministry Director @ Memorial park church
Allison Park, PA

“With a gracious heart and gentle spirit, woven around a remarkable faith and boldness, Seana Scott is a powerful writer, speaker, and woman of God. Her on-stage presence at various Shepherd Church events has truly blessed me and many of the 10,000 plus worshipers who attend our services each week.”

Dudley Rutherford

Dudley Rutherford

Senior pastor @ Shepherd Church
Porter Ranch, Ca

” Seana delivered her talk with such passion and poise, not to mention a grip of scripture. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.”

Amanda Boddeker

Amanda Boddeker

Former young adult women’s director @ shepherd church
Porter ranch, CA

“Seana is a great teacher of the Word of God because above all else she lives it. I have witnessed the faithfulness of God through her story. When she speaks, she passionately and eloquently weaves her story into God’s grand narrative of restoration, grace, and power.”

Phil Allen Jr.

Phil Allen Jr.

Senior Pastor @ OWn your faith ministries
Stevenson ranch, CA


Seana writes biblically-based messages crafted for each audience.

Some of her more common topics include:

  • Thick Faith in Trials
  • The Gospel of John or the Book of Esther
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Prayer
  • Shalom (wholeness)
  • Intentional living
  • How to: Study the Bible, Pray, Discern God’s Leading, or Keep a Spiritual Journal.
  • Unique messages crafted from a Bible passage

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