Good Friday Seder

Good Friday Seder Guide (free download)

Good Friday is sometimes a day overlooked by resurrection Sunday, but it is a valuable opportunity to reflect and remember. Download a Good Friday Seder experience to cultivate wonder and connection to Jesus as our Passover Lamb. It’s simple, meaningful, and for all ages.

5 Ways to Observe Advent

5 Simple Ways to Observe Advent

Advent practices sometimes get replaced with distracting activities.
We hurry to bake the shortbread, build the gingerbread house, drive through the light display. But inwardly our souls are screaming, “Rest! Don’t rush!”

But, how can we observe Advent without adding to our hurry?

self care

You Need This: 3 Truths About Self-Care

Our lives changed by an invisible virus. In all the craziness, our energy and inner peace might lack replenishment. How can we practice self-care in a world gone mad? Here are three truths I’m learning in this season, so I don’t actually run down the street screaming, never to be heard from again.

free bible study tools

10 FREE Bible Study Tools

Time is short and so are budgets. So, when it comes to investing in tools to study God’s word, we can sometimes feel like we need a side gig just to afford all the books and classes—or hours of time we do not have trying to understand complicated passages and questions. But do not fret!…

Guide to Make Resolutions

Do This Before You Make Resolutions

Goal-setting is a powerful and important tool for growing in our careers and personal lives. Here are some helpful steps to take when making goals and changing routines. With these steps, you will be positioned to actually keep those New Year’s resolutions.

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