Maundy Thursday: A John 13 Reflection

It stings to admit our sin. Like the time I read my roommate’s journal. It took me days of conviction to finally tell her and hope for forgiveness. Her willingness to forgive my betrayal bonded our friendship.

Even still, when conviction churns my soul, I’d rather flip open social media instead of read the inner scroll of my conscience.

Maybe if the apostle Peter were alive today, he might flip open social media instead of sit in his rebuke from Jesus in John 13.

When Jesus laid aside his social position to humble himself by washing refuse off of the disciples’ feet, Peter said, “You won’t ever wash my feet!” Maybe Peter thought he honored his Lord by refusing such service. But Jesus replied, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with me” (John 13:8)

In other words, any of us who follow Jesus need God to wash away the daily refuse of sin—our soiled thoughts and actions.

None of us follow Him perfectly. None of us.

Those who placed their faith in the words and works of Jesus have all been bathed—washed from the eternal caked refuse of sin—but we still need daily cleansing, daily confession, daily submitting ourselves to Jesus and letting him wash our feet.

The beautiful thing is, God’s ready—He’s girded with a towel and basin. He already set aside his position to wash us from the filth of our sin by dying on the cross as our atonement (the act of making something right).

And today, the Spirit invites us to daily washing—daily moments of listening to our soul for anything that muddies our relationship with Him. The Spirit welcomes us to allow the God of the universe to wash the filth from our feet.


Spend a few moments in silence, thanking Jesus for his body and his blood offered for you. Then ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind any sin. Sin is anything that does not align with the character of God.

Have you lied?

Acted selfishly?

Acted pridefully?

Have you overtly done something that you know does not honor Jesus?

When some things comes to mind, ask God to wash you with his blood and give you forgiveness. Take this time to recommit your desire to follow him.


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