Good Friday Seder Guide (free download)

The ladies in my Bible study discussed Jesus’ last night with his disciples —the suffering He endured (Mark 14&15). A new gal to class blurted out in amazement, “I never knew about Easter beyond bunnies and eggs. It’s so much more!”

Yes. Indeed. Easter is so much more.

But how much more?

How can we celebrate the glory of Jesus’ resurrection as we skim over the passion week? His suffering? His betrayal?

What does Jesus’ sacrifice actually mean?

Join me and my family this year for a Good Friday seder-inspired experience.

I wish you all could gather around my marker-stained dining table as we walk through a seder-inspired experience together— as we taste the bitterness of suffering, the tears of slavery, and lamb that points to our redemption in Christ Jesus.

I would love to see you and your loved ones connect with our Savior in a deeper way than any Easter before.

But since it’s not possible for us to all gather under one roof—let’s gather together on the same night. Let’s taste and see the Easter story through the images of a Jewish seder.

I took creative influence from the Passover seder and Jesus’ last supper—and wrote a Good Friday Seder Guide.

I hope your copypulls you in closer to the Easter story than you thought possible

This experience is great for all ages. May this experience become a meaningful tradition for you as it has become for us.

Much love,

P.S. What is an Easter tradition that you love that keeps your focus on Jesus? Please share with us!

Good Friday Seder Guide (free download)

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    1. Becky, we did do this at church! I hosted if for the Sunday morning women’s Bible study. Would love to have you join us sometime (Women of Faith class).

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