I Created This For You! A Virtual Retreat from Seana Scott

Life happens. Relationships break. Jobs close. Death takes. And sometimes our faith feels thin. I’ve been there—several times. I’ve lost. And lost again. I’ve been in places where the questions seem louder than the answers, and the prayers seem to fall on silent ears. How can we have thick faith? Join me, Seana Scott, a seminary trained…

Silent Saturday

Holy, Silent Saturday

We call out, but prayers seem to echo and bounce back. We think we do all the right things. We read the Bible, volunteer at church, cook chicken soup for our sick neighbor—but we still sense this echo chamber of isolation. Is God really there?

The Anticipation of Advent

And as we reflect on Jesus’ coming (Advent) this year, let’s also take the time to reflect on what we are still waiting for.

The good news for the Christian is not just that Jesus Christ has come. In the Advent season, we are also looking forward to his next coming—we are still people of waiting.

How does God measure success?

How Does God Measure Success?

The crowd hooted and whooped. Handclapping sounded like thunderous downpour. I walked across the stage and received my diploma from Dallas Theological Seminary, and it felt monumental. Spiritual. Euphoric. I was a success! I woke up the next day to tired kids complaining about going to school. The GI Joe battlefield exploded in most of our living room. The empty milk carton signaled the urgency of a Kroger run. So, how does God measure success when our schedules are full of paycheck gigs or clamoring kids—and hustling to cook tacos for dinner?

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