5 Ways to Observe Advent

5 Simple Ways to Observe Advent

Advent practices sometimes get replaced with distracting activities.
We hurry to bake the shortbread, build the gingerbread house, drive through the light display. But inwardly our souls are screaming, “Rest! Don’t rush!”

But, how can we observe Advent without adding to our hurry?

Overwhelmed? 5 truths to guide you

Overwhelmed? 5 Truths to Guide You

We all get overwhelmed. Our chest tightens. Our breath shallows. Our eyes tear. We believe no matter how hard we strain, things won’t work out. In these days we need reminders of truth. Here are five truths that help us overcome feelings of defeat.

self care

You Need This: 3 Truths About Self-Care

Our lives changed by an invisible virus. In all the craziness, our energy and inner peace might lack replenishment. How can we practice self-care in a world gone mad? Here are three truths I’m learning in this season, so I don’t actually run down the street screaming, never to be heard from again.

Let's listen well to their stories

Let’s Listen Well to Their Stories

People of color have endured racial inequality in our country for hundreds of years. The reality of injustice is clearly displayed from the stories I listen to—many from friends who silently suffered. During this reawakening of racial injustice, the Holy Spirit is reminding me of several truths. Maybe these truths can help light your journey in uncharted waters also.

When Dad Died

When Dad Died

When my earthly father died, my world shifted. How do I begin to live fatherless? Through the years, God has been teaching me more about himself as I learn—and limp—through knowing God as my father. Read about my journey in this article I wrote for Fathom Magazine.

free bible study tools

10 FREE Bible Study Tools

Time is short and so are budgets. So, when it comes to investing in tools to study God’s word, we can sometimes feel like we need a side gig just to afford all the books and classes—or hours of time we do not have trying to understand complicated passages and questions. But do not fret!…

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