5 Ways to Meditate When You’re Busy

Before marriage and starting a family, I’d meditate often. I cultivated stillness and reflection. Volumes of journals lay under my bed, full of pre-parenthood insights.

But then the real grown-up stuff slid in: marriage, mortgage, and motherhood. The hours of dissecting the Bible, time to meditate, and philosophizing in my journals shifted to examining our budget and navigating a nut allergy.

My spiritual balance habits needed a new rhythm. So, I learned creative ways to focus my mind and spirit on God in the landscape of cooking mac ‘n cheese, computer work, and laundry. I still make quiet space a priority, but some days more than others. I hope some of my tools might help you think of creative ways to grow spiritually in this season of your life, whatever your busy entails.


The Bible is the living Word of God and as we repeat Scripture, it forms our thinking, our inner compass for truth and wisdom, and even fosters a sense of inner peace because it reminds us our hope is not in ourselves, but in our Creator—who never changes and keeps His promises.

To memorize scripture, I choose one from my Bible reading that sticks out. I write it on a chalkboard near our morning breakfast table and read through it 2 times in the morning. I’m not perfect at it and sometimes I stay on one verse for a while, but it works.

As I go throughout my day I repeat the parts of the verse I remember and think about it more deeply.

What is one way you can put a Bible verse in your daily rhythm you already do? 


Driving to the office? Stuck in line for coffee? Watching your kid play soccer? Washing dishes—again? These are perfect opportunities to cultivate meditating on-the-go by silently praying.

Instead of numbing our mind with a device, or spinning in the worry cycle, we can focus our minds on God in prayer. We can simply be aware of our breathing and repeat in our mind a simple phrase like, “I trust You, God.” Or “Lord, see my heart and help me today.”

Sometimes I share what I am anxious about and pray for His help. Sometimes I observe those around me and silently pray for them. Sometimes I just breathe and tune my mind to be silent before God.

Meditating and inviting in the divine presence of God through prayer can happen anywhere.

What is one task today that you will do where you can meditate?


We all can find 5 minutes in our day—even for women with full schedules like us. So, grab a 5-minute window, sit on the floor, your knees, or on a chair and cultivate the practice of silence before God.

There is no one way, but here are some helpful tips:

  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Open your palms upward in inviting release.
  • Close your eyes and focus your mind on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—three in One.
  • Repeat a scripture, prayer, or praise in your mind and then simply be still.
  • Ask the Lord to speak, but do not rush your listening.

Silence before God promotes oneness, surrender, and spiritual peace.


One of my favorite ways to meditate is focusing my inner life on God while I exercise. We can pray about anxieties, repeat a phrase of worship, or talk to Him about others in your life. Exercising is a great time to focus when we can’t be doing many other things.


There is not right or wrong way to focus on the Lord. But we do know, the more we cultivate a life of meditation, the more our hearts are stayed on Him. The more our hearts are stayed on Him, the more we become transformed.

May you cultivate a life of meditation—even in your busy life. For the Christian who renews their mind, can discern God’s will (Romans 12:1-2).


What is one thing that is helpful to you to focus your soul on God throughout the day?

5 Ways to Meditate When You\'re Busy

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