3 Ways to Prepare to Encounter God This Easter

This Easter feels like a strange holy day. It can be hard to feel like we are entering a sacred celebration, when we literally can roll out of bed and enter the worship service in front of our screen.

But I personally think that maybe this Easter can be the most sacred yet—as we encounter God in the sanctuaries of our homes and in the quiet moments, quarantined from in-person face to face fellowship.

3 Ways to Prepare to Encounter God

3 ways to encounter God this easter

1. Create an environment for the sacred.

Prepare a place in your home that is free from distractions and clutter and ready for worship. Depending on your home, maybe this is just a little space around your television where you will live stream the service. Or maybe it’s a fully dedicated room.

We can help set the tone of the sacred space by turning down the lights and putting on some candles. Maybe even creating a makeshift alter where you can place your favorite Bible and items for communion.

Use your imagination to help you create a space physically prepared for encountering God.

2. Make a plan for worship.

What will your worship service look like? Is someone in your household musical? Maybe they want to lead worship. Or do you have a favorite worship artist? Maybe make a play list for Sunday morning.

Are you going to listen to a message from a pastor online? Are you going to take communion? Are you going to read from a passage of scripture?

Whatever you decide for yourself and/or your family, it is important to have a plan so that your heart and home are prepared to celebrate the resurrection.

3. Prepare Your Heart

A heart ready for worship is a heart that will encounter God in worship. One of the best ways to prepare our heart is to have a time of introspection and confession.

To help us in this important effort for this Easter, I created a short weekend devotional called Encounter. Each reflection for Thursday-Sunday takes just a couple minutes to read, but I hope the reflection question at the bottom will help prepare our hearts for an intimate and powerful resurrection Sunday.

Bottom line: Easter may not look normal this year, but with a little imagination, it can be sacred—and beautiful.

Grab your free download of Encounter: An Easter Weekend Devotional.


What do you plan to do for Easter worship?

3 Ways to Prepare to Encounter God This Easter

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